April 17, 2009

I’ll say the words that rattle your nerves…

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So I’m going to fight back… slowly… possibly and most likely insignificantly against bad music on the weekend 22 by joining their “Hit” Music Crew.  What they do with this information and the impact of my opinions are totally up to them, but I’m going to try never-the-less.  So what does make a really great song, one that does not make me immediately turn the station (also see/hear the weekend 22’s number one song for the nth week… “Free to Be Me”)?  For me it has to do with the lyrics and music, but I guess that’s pretty obvious, I mean what more is there to a song?  But quality in both is hard to come by.  What is more powerful over the listener, the music or the lyrics?

On the surface, it’s clearly the music because if the song sounds terrible, why would you listen?  But have you ever listened to the lyrics and wondered why you were listening?  There are plenty of good sounding songs with less than stellar songs (also see my post “Let’s Dance…”).  These lyrics effect us, not only the mainstream songs that inspire people to do some pretty sinful, but especially the religiousongs.  I’m willing to bet (which was totally inspired by one of those mainstream songs) that lyrics come to most Christians’ minds in situations before scripture does.  Is that a bad thing?  Maybe and probably Read the rest of this entry »


April 5, 2009

Let’s Dance Back and Forth

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Another week has passed which brings us a “fresh” Weekend 22.  No surprises at #1 this week with Francesca Battistelli’s “Free to be me” reigning for the 4th straight week.  Each time I hear the song I realize that it may not be all that bad.  After all it could be my general disliking of artists that sound like Sara Bareilles (specifically in “Love Song”).  Francesca’s previous song “I’m Letting Go” drove me crazy hearing it on the radio once every car ride.  Again, it’s mostly the radio that causes me not to like these artists.  But I’m not so sure who is to blame: the radio who forces us to listen to it or the people that keep requesting it because once an hour isn’t enough.  Still I think Jars of Clay “Two Hands” is a far superior song and thankfully gained 3 spaces to #10.

Oh Weekend 22, last week they premiered a “future hit” for Read the rest of this entry »