April 6, 2009

Send a message…

Posted in Christian Music tagged , , , , , , , , at 11:15 pm by Bryant

So the GMA Dove Awards are coming up.  If you have literally 45 seconds you can vote for who you think should Doved… or Casting Crowns will win… again.  If you’re cool with that, don’t vote… don’t worry… they’ll win.  If you read my first post then you know I didn’t vote for them.

For Artist of the Year: Fireflight… I heard them on movies and mainstream before I heard them on CCM and their music rocks… somewhere between Paramore and Plum… and more enjoyable.

New Artist: Francesc… just kidding.  Curve ball, Remedy Drive.  I never heard any of their music until an ad on facebook led me to their video “Day Light”.  It was fun and I liked it a lot.  If I hadn’t heard it I would have voted for Fee, who is responsible for the title of my first post.

Favorite Radio Show: Not surprisingly not Weekend 22, but Total Axxess.

Concert: Winter Wonder Slam… had everything: B Reith for those of us who have soul, Family Force Five for those of us who have funk, Relient K for those of us about to rock, and Toby for those of us who miss dc Talk (and like to rock).

Concert: Alive… just for Audio A… who is coming back by the way.

You can vote yourself at http://www.gospelmusicchannel.com/dovesvoting.

Relient K is back in the studio… with Vince Gill.

2009 should be good for music as there is a lot of good bands releasing this year such as Toby, Jars, Skillet, and newly independent Switchfoot and Relient K.

Here’s a little preview of what I’ll be reviewing in the near future.  Check out JohnMoss at http://www.myspace.com/johnmossrock and let the waves carry you away.


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